Case: Vekaransalmi bridge

The Vekaransalmi bridge project is due to be completed by the end of 2019. Upon completion, the bridge with its 639 meter lenght will be Finland’s fifth longest bridge. The bridge is 9,5 meters wide and has a clearance of 24,5 meters. Kontino has been supplying Normek, a structural steel, glass, aluminium and facade systems manufacturer, for over twenty years.  Kontino has supplied the Vekaransalmi bridge site with 80 tons of perforated tube beams. In total, the bridge uses about 1700 tons of various types of steel.

”At Kontino they keep their promises and things are done the way we have agreed. The nost important thing though is that they are able fare well in this fiercely competitive industry”, says Juha Laarko, Normek’s procurement officer.

”Kontino is reliable, when they promise something, it is ironclad. Information between us flows well”, confirms Henrik Kiviniemi, the Project Manager of the Vekaransalmi site.

Vekaransalmi bridge is a big project but not exceptional for Normek. The company has plenty of experience of bridges and other large steel structures in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Kontino was chosen as Normek’s supplier precisely because of the company’s quality and prefabrication abilities. The beams were prefabricated at Kontino. Tolerances in these kinds of structural elements are stringent.

”The fact that Kontino was able to prefabricate the beams to our standards expedited our schedule.”

The construction site was upplied in three batches. This is typical for a modern, Just-on-Time construction, which requires a lot from suppliers and subcontractors. For example, everything must be labeled and packaged for each section and all the materials must be traceable.

”Kontino’s dedication and responsibility is showcased in the way they have been able to meet our high standards and supply just the right materials on time despite tight schedules. Kontino’s quality is high in every respect”, Kiviniemi says.

”The Finnish Traffic Authority’s instructions are precise and tolerances strict. Not many in Finland are able to fabricate components like these”, Laarko praises.

In a project like this, all parts of the construction are very special and carefully planned. Normek’s Site Manager at Vekaransalmi is Markku Roininen for whom large and challenging projects are familiar. Before this project he supervised the demanding installation of structural steel components for Helsinki’s new central library, Oodi.

Juha Laarko also gives thanks to Kontino’s Juha Inkilä for his active role during the whole project.


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