A Fruitful Collaboration That Benefits the Client

Teräsnyrkki Steel Oy and Oy Kontino Ab have already been collaborating for decades. For both companies, the key principles behind all activities are high-quality products and customer service as well as compliance with the principles of sustainability.

Teräsnyrkki Steel Oy is a family-owned company founded in Helsinki in 1995. The company manufactures load-bearing steel structures for house construction projects and specializes in heavy-duty steel frames for large sites. The company’s clientele consists mostly of construction companies, manufacturing companies and property owners. Teräsnyrkki has participated in the construction of several Finnish shopping centres, public healthcare and cultural buildings as well as the construction and renovation of commercial and industrial sites, including amusement parks.
The company’s production facility is located in Hakkila, Vantaa. The facility of almost 3,000 square metres is new, modern and perfectly suited for the efficient manufacturing of large frames and thermocouples.

Teräsnyrkki provides clients with all steel structures and materials needed for construction, including steel frames, load-bearing steel beams, load-bearing corrugated sheets for roofing, composite sheets, lightweight exterior walls as well as customized stairs and railings. Teräsnyrkki delivers the completed structures with surface finishing and also installs them.
In addition, the company offers planning services for steel structures.
– Durability and quality are key factors in manufacturing load-bearing steel structures. It is our goal to be a reliable partner to our clients even in surprising and urgent situations by offering a flexible schedule and top quality, says Ville Punnonen, the company’s CEO.

– Our production process is CE-certified, and we also provide complex ECX execution class 3 structures, such as bridges and other high-strain structures.

Long-lasting collaboration

– Teräsnyrkki’s owner has been collaborating with Kontino already since 1977, and Kontino has been our main supplier of raw materials since our company was founded, Punnonen says.
– Kontino supplies us with raw materials, such as steel pipes and profiles. We use them to manufacture steel structures according to our clients’ needs, he explains.

Diverse pre-treatment services

Kontino also provides clients with efficient and diverse steel pre-treatment services.
– We use Kontino’s pre-treatment services whenever we can, that is, when a project’s schedule allows it and the technical possibilities are there, says Punnonen.
– In addition to drilling and coping, we order sawing services from Kontino, as well as shot-blast cleaning and protective painting.
– In the future we would like to use Kontino’s pre-treatment services e.g. for sawing, designing and coping steel profiles on an even more frequent basis.

Shared values are the basis for collaboration

Kontino’s values include honesty, reliability, responsibility, perseverance and sustainability. This becomes evident in the collaboration between Kontino and Teräsnyrkki.
– The long history we share together shows that we trust each other. Our joint activities have always been transparent. Teräsnyrkki’s production process is CE-certified, which is why we require the same from our partners. All of Kontino’s products bear the CE label,

and the steel structures we manufacture from them are durable and 100% recyclable, in line with the principles of sustainability. We have also been extremely satisfied with Kontino’s security of supply and large product range.
The partnership between Kontino and Teräsnyrkki is being actively developed. For example, there is continuous collaboration to streamline the order and delivery processes between the companies.
– My strong belief is that our collaboration with Kontino will continue successfully in the future, Punnonen concludes.

Teräsnyrkki Steel Oy


• Manufacturer of load-bearing steel structures
• Founded in 1995
• Turnover: €9M
• 35 employees
• Privately owned company


Phone +358 20 7650 200