Kontino co-involved in building of Constructional Steelwork of the year 2016

Fazer visitor center ”Fazer Experience” was granted the Constructional Steelwork of the year recognition by the Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association on November 8th 2016.

The Architecturally stunning steel and glass structure is designed by K2S Architects Ltd with its designers Kimmo Lintula, Niko Sirola and Mikko Summanen. The steelframe was manufactured by Teräselementti Oy from Lempäälä in a project led by SRV Rakennus. Kontino was selected as the supplier of trussed beams by Teräselementti Oy.


We delivered dozens of tons of highly pretreated HEA and IPE steel beams from our warehouse. Delivered blanks were prepared in our drilling and coping line. Holes and plasma-cut trimmings were rounded in the blanks’ production process in order to ensure successful fire protective coating. The parts were shot-blast cleaned and painted with an environmentally friendly water-based paint.

3D modeling was used in the engineering and construction phases. Kontino was provided with DSTV files containing the steel parts of the project and our automatic manufacturing line produced the parts precisely according to the plan. Integration of design and manufacturing was particularly important in quick and trouble-free delivery of the diverse order. The diversity of the project is highlighted by the fact that among the more than 400 structural steel parts which we produced, only up to 4 were alike.


The project was constructed according to execution class EXC3 of the EN 1090 standard, and the manufacturing of the items was documented in inspection records. The steel parts were marked with attention to ensuring their identification also after fire protective coating.

We delivered prefinished parts in two weeks on request.

Images: Teräselementti Oy


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