A new saw increases reliability of delivery and capacity

Round bars and special steels are used in machine building, such as the energy industry, motors, gears, hydraulics and other powertrain components. Our customers need bars in specified lengths in their production. For most business the investment of owning the saw is not economically viable and therefore Kontino offers this service. It releases labor and capital. The sawing service also transforms logistics from long goods handling to pallets.

In Tampere, our latest saw is the Behringer HBE411A. The new saw will help prepare for capacity changes and further increase security of supply. It covers the key dimensions of customers and is also suitable for longer sets.

Behringer1 Behringer2

One of the reasons to invest in the new saw is Kontino’s commitment to occupational safety. The new machine entails more automation and is therefore already safer. The new saw ensures reliability and we also have the manufacturer’s continuous support behind us.

”Kontino wants to ensure security of supply and serve its customers even better. We are constantly contemplating tomorrow and future demands for us.”, the CEO Aimo Kankare says.

In the subcontracting fair we are 10 minutes away from our Tampere warehouse. If you’d like to take a closer look at our sawing service and equipment, it can be easily arranged. Just be in contact with our exhibitors at the fair.

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Engineering Steels and Round Bars

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