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We support The Christmas Spirit -campaign 2020

Kontino is a donor in year 2020 The Christmas Spirit -campaign.


Steel service company Feon acquires Kontino – the acquisition strengthens Feon’s market position as the largest domestic player in the industry

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The spread of the coronavirus has not affected Kontino’s deliveries

The impact of the spread of the coronavirus on Kontino’s deliveries has remained small. Deliveries to our customers continue as normal. There have been no disruptions in the deliveries from our suppliers.

We will monitor the situation and follow the instructions given by the authorities. We will inform our customers promptly of any changes in the situation.

We support The Christmas Spirit -campaign 2019

Kontino is a donor in year 2019 The Christmas Spirit -campaign.


Juta Voutilainen has been appointed as an import forwarding coordinator

Juta Voutilainen started 21.10.2019 as an import forwarding coordinator.

Jarmo Koivula has been appointed as a sales representative

Jarmo Koivula started 10.6.2019 as a sales representative in Vantaa.

Tiina Hovi has been appointed as a sales manager

Tiina Hovi started 3.6.2019 as a sales manager in Machining.